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Sod, its use and benefits.

What Sod is:

Sod is an Instant new lawn. Sod is grass with some soil beneath held together by its roots.

Why use sod:

Lawns have a positive reflection on the home and increasing property value. It is the lawn that ties landscapes together. Grass allows for a cool, cushiony place to enjoy the outdoor space.

Benefits of Sod:

Benefits of lawn surpass other surfaces such as pavement, artificial turf, even dirt. Water is more easily able to penetrate into soil as grass roots open up space for water flow. This does not happen on hard packed bare soils, pavement or fake grass. Instead, water flows over the top excluding any benefits.

Leaves and stems of grass slow down water preventing erosion. Grass roots with their dense growth help lock soil particles together preventing fast moving water from washing soil away. Run a stream of water at your lawn and then try it on bare garden soil to see the way grass prevents erosion.

Grass leaves have a cooling effect, areas with lawns will be cooler than areas that have no vegetation such as bare dirt, pavement and artificial turf.

Grass absorbs pollutants from ground through its roots and from the atmosphere through its leaves releasing oxygen. With thousands of grass plants on the average-size lawn you will always have a breath of fresh air. Lawns are like a giant filtration system.

Both professional and collegiate athletes would rather play on natural grass. It's softer, more resilient, and doesn't create ankle and knee injuries as frequently as do artificial surfaces.

Sodded lawns absorb more rain than seeded lawns – Sodded lawn is more effective than a wheat or hay fields at absorbing rainfall - Sod thrives where seeding is impossible.

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