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Rolled Grass

A dense, drought tolerant blend with color in all seasons

Rhizomatous 90-10 Fescue Blend

This blend has a leafy base and dark-green leaves. It produces a large volume of deep, coarsely fibrous roots. 90/10 grows well in western states in Spring, Summer, and Fall and at higher latitudes. 90/10 grows well on all soils with adequate moisture. 90/10 has a wide pH range, tolerant of moderate saline and acid soils. This blend will tolerate poorly drained soils winter flooding and fairly high water tables. It is drought tolerant and survives in 16” of moisture in cooler regions of northern and western mountains.



  • New hybrids with rhizomes

  • Good color in all seasons

  • Dense, carpet-like appearance

  • Drought tolerant

  • Deep rooting

  • Contains Endophytes

  • Thrives in sun or shade

  • Uses 30% less water than Bluegrass

Additional Information

Improved Drought Tolerance

Performance Chart

A deep, extensive root system allows 90-10 Fescue Blend to display excellent drought tolerance.

9010 Fescue Chart.PNG
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