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About Turf Master Sod Farms

Watch our YouTube video to learn more about our farm and products.

Installing New Sod...The Right Way With Turf Master Sod

Watch a time-lapse video of a sod installation.

Sunset with Storms

Watch a time-lapse of one of the storms on our sod farm.

Turf Master's 90/10 Fescue Blend

See a beautiful landscape created in the rocky Wyoming soil with Turf Master's 90/10 Fescue Blend.

Installation of Turf Master's 90/10 Fescue Blend

Watch a time-lapse of Turf Master's 90/10 Fescue Blend being installed.

How We Do It

A collection of steps from working the soil to planting seed to harvesting the final product, sod or natural grass.

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