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A low maintenance turf due to its reduced growth rate, water and nitrogen requirement

Cowboy Turf

Environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important in the choice of grass species for many turf areas. Cowboy Turf has many characteristics that set it apart. Cowboy Turf is an excellent choice for low maintenance sites, even as part of showcase turf areas, due to its reduced water requirement, low nitrogen requirement and reduced growth rate.

Used for low maintenance landscaping and stabilization of disturbed soils. Cowboy Turf is a tough, blue-green perennial that spreads by rhizomes.


  • Uses 25% less water than

  • Kentucky bluegrass

  • Low growing/slow growing

  • Shade tolerant

  • Less fertilization

  • Very low maintenance

Cowboy Turf

Additional Information

Performance Chart

Improved Drought Tolerance

Cowboy Turf chart.PNG

A deep, extensive root system allows Cowboy Turf™ to display excellent drought tolerance. 

Cowboy turf drought graph.PNG

Use and Management: Turf grass type varieties are widely used for turf, golf greens, revegetation and soil conservation purposes. Suitable on irrigated sites or sites having over 14” ppt. Growth starts in March or April, matures in mid to late summer, varying regionally and altitudinally, then becomes semi-dormant until fall
moisture. Makes fair fall regrowth.

Origin and Description: Native and Indigenous, long-lived, cool-season species indigenous to the Rocky Mountain Region. Low-growing rhizamatous perennial grass, has distinctly flat stems, short blue green to dark green leaves, head is a short condensed panicles. Adapted to rather poor, dry soils.

Growth Habits and Environmental Preferences: Adapted to open, exposed, high altitude sites in Rocky Mountain and northern Intermountain area with over 14” ppt. Thrives on fertile, silty and clayey soils. Tolerant of shallow, gravely, and dry, weekly saline and acid soils. Cold and drought-tolerant. Grows in well-drained meadows, sub-humid grasslands, and semi-desert sagebrush sites. Not tolerant of flooding, high water tables, or inundation for any extended period.

Irrigation: The minimum amount of water that will keep Cowboy Turf alive depends on several factors: soil type, water table, and fertility. The turf will go dormant but will recover. In warmer areas and on south slopes, more water may be necessary during droughts to insure survival. In these areas, infrequent deep watering is best when mature.

Sun/shade: Prefers partial shade to full sun.

Traffic: Good tolerance to traffic.

Good Points: Establishes quickly, is resistant to most diseases, has good resistance to drought, is shade-tolerant and does well at higher altitudes.

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