An extra durable and drought tolerant turfgrass


Turf Master Enviroturf™ is an extra durable and drought tolerant turf that will help us conserve our natural resources and still provides a high-quality groundcover.


Enviroturf™ is blended to improve turf quality on your toughest sites such as Parks, Sports Fields, Commercial Sites, Golf Course Roughs, and Backyards. It thrives at cold high altitudes as well as the dry sunny conditions of the Rocky Mountain Plains. It provides high quality, durable playing surfaces. Yet, it will still give you a lower water and fertilizing costs.


It is a very dense, hardy blend of turf. Within the first 18 months of establishment, Turf Master Enviroturf can use 30%-40% less water than Kentucky Bluegrass. It contains endophytes which are the best natural way to ward off insects. It is deep rooting, which makes it a more drought tolerant plant. It thrives in sun or shade, making it adaptable to every situation. This lower maintenance turf uses 50% less nitrogen than Kentucky Bluegrass. It is a durable turfgrass which is ideal for areas of high traffic and wear.




  • Extremely durable

  • Thrives in sun or shade

  • Deep rooting

  • Contains endophytes

  • Uses 40% less water than Bluegrass

  • Uses less nitrogen than Bluegrass



Ideal for high traffic areas and the toughest sites, including:

  • Parks

  • Sports Fields

  • Commercial Sites

  • Golf Course Roughs

  • Backyards of Home Lawns

Additional Information

 Technical Data

 Improved Drought Tolerance

Fescues and other drought-tolerant grasses


Hybrid Fescue


Summer: 1 to 1-1/2” per week


3 to 6 feet, depending upon soil type and watering patterns and soil preparation.

A deep, extensive root system allows Turf Master EnviroTurf™ to display excellent drought tolerance. 



 Performance Chart


Very good tolerance to saline soil conditions. Amendments are recommended for heavy clay soils to promote drainage.


Prefers full sun, but adapts to 60% shade.


Rocky Mountain Region.



Standards and Measures

  State inspected and certified for noxious weeds, diseases, and insects.

10 sq. ft. per roll. Each roll is 2 ft. by 5 ft.
Soil thickness 1/4" to 1/2" top growth
540 sq. ft. per pallet

200 to 350 sq. ft.

2,000 to 2,800 lbs. per pallet
Grown from 100% Weed Free Seed - 98% Purity

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