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Rolled Grass

A mix of low water use meadow grasses

Nature's Prairie Turf

Nature’s Prairie Turf™  is our trademark blend of indigenous and naturalized grasses native to North America. These grasses offer good winter color, shade, and drought tolerant with the capability of going semi-dormant during drought or hot summer weather. Nature's Prairie Turf™ grows well in poor infertile droughty soils and does well at elevations between 5,000 ft to 10,000 ft. Nature's Prairie Turf™ is tolerant of salinity and alkaline conditions but doesn’t tolerate over watering or flooding. It is quick to establish and provides excellent density to keep out weeds.




  • Extremely durable

  • Deep rooting

  • Contains endophytes

  • Thrives in sun or shade

  • Uses 40% less water than Bluegrass

  • Uses less nitrogen than Bluegrass

Creeping Red Fescue

  • Cool-season, long-lived sod-forming grass introduced into North America from Europe for general-purpose turf and erosion control.

  • Consists of numerous fine blue-green leaves with narrow, in-rolled leaf blades.

  • Used primarily for lawns and golf greens.


Prairie Junegrass

  • Slender, cool-season, NATIVE to U.S. ranges, tufted perennial bunchgrass

  • Contains narrow spike-like heads

  • Used mainly for revegetation on rangeland


Tufted Hairgrass

  • NATIVE to western U.S. mountainous grass.

  • Good winter hardiness.

  • Thrives in all soil types with moderate acidic tolerance.

  • mixes well with other grasses.

Sideoats Grama

  • NATIVE to the U.S. Rocky Mountains.

  • Sod forming with rhizomes

  • Adaptable to a wide soil profile

  • Good winter hardiness


Sheep Fescue

  • Native, long-lived, cool-season bunchgrass adapted to open, exposed, high altitude sites. 

  • Consists of numerous, fine blue-green leaves with narrow, in-rolled leaf blades.

  • Used as a turf grass or as a rangeland grass along with other grasses including Sideoats Grama, Tufted Hairgrass,  Smooth Brome and Hybrid Wheatgrasses. 

Performance Chart

Nature's Pra Turf chart.PNG

Improved Drought Tolerance

A deep, extensive root system allows Nature's Prairie Turf to display excellent drought tolerance. 


Nature's Prairie Drought Tolerance Chart

Additional Information

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