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What Makes EnviroTurf Hot?

1. Enviroturf™ is a unique, trademarked sod that is a blend of turf-type fescues designed for the resource conscientious homeowner. 


2. It was developed and perfected by Turf Master Sod Farms with over 20+ years of trial and error.


3. It provides the Rocky Mountain region with a tough, durable and water-efficient turf grass that thrives in our poor soil. 


4. It can use 30-40% less water than traditional Kentucky bluegrass turfs, yet still provides the same, or better, aesthetic appeal.

Why EnviroTurf?

With our increasing population, water availability is a growing concern in the area, especially for residents who desire to enjoy beautiful, hardy lawns and lush green parks.  The answer is Enviroturf™ turfgrass sod, the premier live turf for Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. This unique blend tolerates the poor alkaline soils found in the region and does equally well in the shade at Mountain altitudes or in lower, sunny exposed sites. Due to endophytes naturally found in fescue grasses, Enviroturf™ also has a much higher disease and insect resistance than Kentucky Bluegrass.  The ability to use up to 40% less water than Kentucky Bluegrass, increased wear and tear resistance, while still maintaining a dark green carpet-like appearance makes Enivoturf™ appealing to homeowners, city planners, and sports field managers alike.  The inimitable qualities of Enviroturf™ make it the premiere turf for Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. For detailed specs, please click here.  

Compare the Water Savings

Per 1000 square feet of Enviroturf™, with properly prepped soil, a homeowner will only need to use 8,700 gallons to keep established Enviroturf looking lush.


Per 1000 square feet of Kentucky Bluegrass, a homeowner will use 14,500 gallons annually to keep their established grass looking lush. 

That's a potential savings of 5,800 gallons.

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