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Sprinkler Blowouts…. Too early?

Currently soil temperatures at 5” in depth are still above 55 degrees. Soil temperatures now are great for root growth in sod.

In ground sprinklers are not susceptible to freeze and breakage. However, above ground vacuum breakers and backflow devices may need extra care in

days/nights with 32-degree temperatures. You can prevent backflow breakage by utilizing heat tape, a blanket or some sort of insulation wrapped around the device and secured.

Typically, November, December and January are months of low moisture. Another reason to keep the sprinklers on through November.

Early sprinkler blowouts are not good for your landscape; trees, shrubs, perennials and of course turf. Plants need fall late fall and winter watering to do well throughout our dry and windy winter months.

Once you do decide to blow the sprinkler system out. Utilize your hose and sprinkler on warmer days to manually water your sod and other plants.

Use this link to Turf Master Sod watering guide for new and established sod. https://www.turfmastersod.com/water-requirements

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