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Lawns Progress.

Lawns as we know them today were virtually impossible prior to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Public water was not as easily available, grass was not easy to grow or keep manicured. If there happened to be a grassy area it was sparse and patchy with dirt and weeds. Once public water became more common having a lawn grew to be easier. The invention of the sprinkler hose, sprinkler and lawn mower made a more manicured lawn possible.

Now, we have appropriate grasses in sod form that are more conducive to the regions soil types, precipitation or lack of it and application or what the sod will be used for be it a home lawn, ball field or park. The introduction of fitting lawn grasses based on region also makes having a lawn stay healthier longer with far less issues than other grasses.

Lawn areas may look similar, but they are not the same. Each grass has its own pros and cons and should be researched prior to its installation. The lawn is an extension of the home welcoming family, friends. The park lawn is inviting to everyone and the ball fields beg to be played on. Sod paves a way for people to enjoy an area filled with lush, cool, green space and uplifting effects of oxygen production. without sod all we have is concrete, dirt or mud.

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