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Mowing: The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass.

Mowing is defined as the mechanical removal of leaf tissue. A general rule of thumb is to cut no more than one third (1/3) of the leaf blade at each mowing. I like to mow the lawn shorter the first cut of spring and I keep it a bit longer before winter dormancy. A shorter cut in spring will help stimulate growth and a longer cut in fall before winter will help protect the plant from cold and dryness winter brings

We live and grow our lawns in a cool season (C3) growing zone. Cool season grasses have a bimodal growth pattern, two seasons of shoot growth. Shoot growth starts in spring and ends when summer heat slows down both root and shoot growth. Shoot growth starts again in the fall when summer temperatures decrease.

Mowing height, I like to mow higher throughout the seasons with one exception, the first mow in spring. You mow less often when you mow higher. Mowing higher also saves water. Every little bit of water conservation helps! Besides, a shorter cut requires more frequent mowing, more water and more fertilizer.

Research at the University Of Queensland School Of Biomedical Science tells us that the smell of fresh cut grass reduces stress and protects nerve cells from stress damage. Stress in this part of the brain is linked to memory loss due to less communication between nerves in this area. Smelling fresh cut grass prevents this loss.

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