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Organic and Manufactured Fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers, are commonly processed from various animal, plant and human by-products. Organic fertilizers are comparatively low in nutrient content so they require

significantly larger volumes. Organics also have slower nutrient release rates than

Manufactured fertilizers. It takes time for nutrients to be broken down then taken up by the plants. An advantage of organic fertilizer is improvement in soil organic content due the increased amount needed when compared to manufactured fertilizers.

Manufactured fertilizers are normally made from inorganic material like minerals and petroleum. Manufactured fertilizers release rates are faster, varying from a few days to a few weeks. Plants will have a quick response after fertilizer applications using manufactured fertilizers. Because manufactured fertilizers are relatively high in nutrient content, only small amounts are required.

Whether you fertilize with organic or synthetic fertilizer is up to you. Plants do not know if they are getting nutrients from natural manure or a manufactured source. Keep in mind, too much of either organic or manufactured fertilizer can be harmful to grass plant growth making the lawn susceptible to insects, disease or weed infestation.

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