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Cooler temperatures and higher rainfall for this time of year makes Sod Happy!

Sod is one of the most versatile plants at absorbing falling moisture. Grass is 6 times more effective than a wheat field and 4 times more effective than a hay field at absorbing moisture. Not only does grass hold moisture better than most plants its root system also helps to filter out any impurities prior to the water flowing through the soil profile to underground aquifers.

It is important to choose a sod type that will help absorb and retain this needed moisture. Sod types with deep roots will be more advantageous than grasses with shallow roots in the long run. Isn’t that what a lawn is about, the long run? When the rainy season is gone and heat is upon us deeper rooting grasses will have a lasting green and softness to them.

Do you know how much water your lawn uses versus how much you need?

1” of water on 1000 sf = 620 gallons.

Kentucky bluegrass requires a minimum of 1” of water a week during the summer months to stay green. This equates to at least 2,500 gallons a month. Over 10,000 gallons in the course of a summer season.

Turf Masters’ Cowboy turf™ can save up to 620 gallons a month. 90-10 fescue and our Self Repairing Tall fescue can save 750 gallons a month. Enviroturf™ can save 1000 gallons and our Natures Prairie Turf ™nd our Canadian Blue Fescue™ can save 1250 gallons a month. This water savings average is between 25-50% when compared to Kentucky bluegrass.

Most of the fresh water in the world is locked up in glacial ice leaving a small amount for our use making it very important to manage our water portion correctly with proper plant selection.

Reach out to Turf Master Sod we can help you get the right grass, save our water and save you money.



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