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Water conservation start with You.

We need water.

Water is the dominant chemical in all life forms. Water along with soil is the life blood of our planet.

Using deeper rooting grass plants have a major impact on water conservation. Selecting turf grasses that use less water and are well adapted to our climate and soil conditions is a great start in achieving the goal of conserving water in irrigated lawns. Shallow rooting grasses use more water than deeper rooting grasses. Shallow rooting grass plants are not the sole cause of wasted water. People are the main cause of misused water and improper plant selection. People are also the solution for water conservation. By taking steps in making better choices in plant type, placement and use we can do our part to reduce water consumption. Remember, it is not the plant that waste the water it is the ill-informed consequence of the human factor that is the major cause of wasted water.

Turf Master Sod Farm is on the forefront having created many environmentally sustainable low water use grasses. Turf Master Sod Farm is also the largest producer of alternative grasses that are proven to do well in our region.

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