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Gone to SEED

This time of year lawns and grass plants get seedy. Seeded plants will be taller and stocky. Grasses will not be as soft and pretty at these times as they place energy emphasis into reproduction, the Nature of the Plant.

The seed is the fruit that allows for more

advancement and progression in the state of the lawn. The thick stock shows the strength of the plant. When we see this happening in our grasses we are grateful for healthy plants and the progress of the lawns condition.

Some may think the seed and stockiness are of an unsightly nature, rough feeling and ugly. They may ask, “Is there something wrong with my grass?” No, nothing is wrong, all is right and well with the lawn. Rest assured this

seedy state of the lawn will not last long.

The reproductive nature of the grass will eventually recede to its more appealing, pleasant, pre-propagative state. Until then, enjoy the nature of the lawn that surrounds you.

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