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Compost Manure for Soil Health.

Soil is the foundation for all plant life. Soil health is key to the longevity of plant life. Using compost manure will improve this foundation and overall soil health and longevity of plant life.

Composted manure provides helpful microbial life to soil. Microbes are tiny, cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they do big things in soil for the growth of grass plants. Helpful microbes break down, absorb and convert raw nutrients from organic matter into smaller particles making it useable as food for grass plants. This makes microbes an essential partner in grass plant growth.

The relationship between grass plant roots and microbes are complimentary. Roots absorb broken down matter from soil microbes for food. In return roots secrete compounds back to soil microbes to be used as food.

By improving soil health on the forefront prior to planting, potential problems can be reduced or eliminated when soil is properly prepared using composted manure.

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