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Sod selection, what to ask.

Choosing the right type of sod to maximize performance and reduce inputs like water, fertilizers and chemical sprays will save resource, time and money.

Questions to ask:

What kind of soil, sand, clay or mix? Get hands in the dirt, feel what you'll be growing your lawn in. Sand is gritty. Clay is powdery, sticky when wet. Water rushes through sandy soils so watering should be light and frequent. Clay soil stays wet and cool longer. Watering should be heavy and infrequently.

Where does the water come from? Well water, retention pond or city water? Well water and retention ponds can be higher in mineral and salt contents eliminating the longevity of high water use grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and bluegrass blends and city water can get expensive.

What does the area being sodded look like, excessive sun or shade, slopes or berms? Leach field or high water table? What kind of plants if any are already growing? What is the project, home lawn, sports field, park, school or greenbelt?

Turf Master has developed and trademarked ™ several sod types that are more conducive to our environment, soil types and low amount of natural precipitation. Turf Master Specialty grasses can cover a wide range of grass growing projects using low inputs when managed properly.

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