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Spring Lawn Preparation.

It's time to get lawns ready for the seasons ahead. Aeration, fertilization, watering and getting mowing equipment ready is necessary for spring lawn preparation.

Aeration can open up spaces in soil for water and nutrients to get closer to the root system of grass plants. Aeration also helps ease the compaction issues from heavy clay soils.

After aeration is a great time to fertilize. Fertilizer falls into the aeration holes allowing quicker root feeding increasing overall plant vigor and soil health.

Be sure to check soil moisture using a screw driver to see if watering is required. If the screw driver goes into the soil easily to a depth of 6” supplemental water will not be needed.

Make sure to get lawn equipment ready. Sharpen mower blades. Dull mower blades can tear grass rather than cut. Keep mower blades sharp by checking monthly. Also, make sure to check fluids, plugs, and filters.

Mowing height, mowing shorter in the spring when soil temperatures are increasing can help stimulate root growth. A short cut can also allow more light to reach emerging plants for photosynthesis and growth.

Aerating, applying fertilizer, watering when needed and getting mowers ready can give your lawn what it needs to get a good start to the warm days ahead.

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